Casino Skull King Events


Casino Skull King Events

Oscar Resort Hotel’s Casino renewed.

The Skull King casino opens and welcomes you to North Cyprus
Brand new design, new faces, brand new machinery games and new live games with in
luxury saloon more entertainment for your enjoyment. We are looking forward to welcoming you to Casino Skull King.
06-08-2016 Şevval Sam Concert Cyprus Oscar Resort Hotel #ŞevvalSam #Konser #Kıbrıs #Girne @oscarresort
20-08-2016 Urfa Sıra Gecesi
27-08-2016 Berdan Mardini Concert
13-09-2016 Rober Hatemo Concert
15-09-2016 Ferhat Göçer Concert
22-10-2016 izzet Yıldizhan Concert
19-11-2016 Fatih Ürek Concert
31-12-2016 Mustafa Ceceli Concert

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