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Airport Transfer

Posted by: Oscar Resort Posted on: Friday October 6th, 2017

Airport Transfer

Dear Guests,
We can arrange your Airport Transfer from Ercan (ECN) or Larnaca (LNC) Airports to Oscar Resort Hotel.

Please inform us your : Arrival date, Landing time to Landing Airport, Airplane company name, so that we can go ahead to arrange your transfer.

Please click link down below and download the credit card authorisation form & be kind enough to fill, as soon as you resend back your payment form to (reservation@oscar-resort.com) we will confirm your transfer payment and we will send you taxi to meet you at the arrivals gate on time.
Please remember that you need to inform us your ''Landing Time, Flight Number and Airport name'' at the time of booking.

Note: Unpaid transfer fees may not be under hotel responsiblity. Please be sure that you have paid your transfer fee at the time of booking.

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Oscar Resort

  • September 29, 2017 at 8:03 am
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[:en]Please inform us your flight details, Landing airport name, Landing time and your fliht number[:de]Bitte teilen Sie uns Ihre Flugdaten, Landen Flughafen Name, Landungszeit und Ihre fliht Nummer[:tr]Havaalanı adı, Alana İniş saatinizi ve uçuş numaranızı bzie bildiriniz Lütfen[:]

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