Latest measures we take

Latest measures we take

Dear guests, We, at Oscar Resort Hotel, understand that we are all currently facing difficult and chaotic times in our business. While the industry is resilient, the current situation is tough, for you, our industry partners as well as our clients as Oscar Resort Hotel, it is necessary to announce that our hotel continues to serve you a safe accommodation, We are still working very hard and continue to do our jobs to get ready for you. again we stand with you at all time.

Our valued guests, We would like to announce that the daily cleaning routine is going on to provide safety accommodation services to all our guests and us.
All of our rooms and living areas have been disinfecting with modern ozone devices regularly. All precautions have been taken place to be safe and hygienic accommodation during your stay with our staff and management. We are always happy to welcome you in our facility with peace of mind.
Right now, our hotel closed due to important epidemic world-wide. However we must underline that the all our staff and the management we are all still carring our job.
Everyday all rooms and public areas are well cleaning and well maintenanced.
We hope to serve you very soon at your second sweet home.

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