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Oscar Resort Hotel

Meeting Conference Ballroom


Toplantı, Konferans, Balo ve Diğer Etkinlikleriniz için
Girne, Kuzey Kıbrıs, Oscar Resort Hotel'in toplantı salonu yaklaşık 1000m2, 800 kişi sinema düzeni, etkinlik planlamalarınza yardımcı olmak için sizlere hizmet veriyoruz. Girne, Oscar Resort Hotel'de kurumsal etkinlikler ve düğünler, toplantılar, partiler ve toplantılar için toplantı alanı sağlıyoruz


Oscar Resort Hotel

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      Fax: +90 (392) 81 53980
      mailto: organisation@oscar-group.com

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    Cinema Scheme: 800 people

    Classroom layout: 80 rectangular table= 160 pax + 12 Round table = 10 Pax

    U Shape layout: 30 rectangular table = 60 pax + 12 Round table = 10 Pax

    Theater style: 550 Pax with no table.


    Wide Screen 4mt x 6mt, laptop compatible Cine vision, sound and microphone system, speaker podium, protocol speaker desk, reception desk, small foyer area, wc, Air conditioner, ventilation system


    Hotel sound

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    Oscar Group of Hotels

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      About us

      Oscar Resort is a conventional Holiday Resort in North Cyprus – Kyrenia region, with a scenic locality along with an uninterrupted Mediterranean Climate.Its also possible to find many tourist attractions with historic riches ranging from medieval castles , engaging museums and Kyrenia’s famous harbour.

      The harbour, which is exceedingly adjacent with our hotel overflows with numerous restaurants, bars, cafes and shopping venues.

      Oscar Resort Hotel is situated to the east of Kyrenia’s new harbour, with only a 20–25 minutes walking distance from the city centre (which is about 1.5km) Even though the hotel is at a walking distance to town centre , we provide transportation facilities at all times. Examples of these include: Courtesy Shuttle train service which runs three times a day during the week and Saturday. (Departure Times:10 AM – 1PM/5PM) Furthermore the Hotel taxi’s are available 24 hours a day at the driveway of the Hotel.

      Hours & Info

      +90 (392) 81 54801
      Reservation Office: 08:00 - 16:59
      Sunday 09:00 - 13:59

      Airport transfer arrangement:
      Please inform us your flight number, landing iime and flight company name at the time of booking. Ask for transfer cost.

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