freshwater pools

Courtesy train service

Dear Guests,
Our little courtesy train service runs (6 days a week) except Sundays.

  • Moring: 10:00am from Hotel to Girne
  • Midday: 1:00pm from hotel to Girne
  • Afternoon: 5:00pm from hotel to Girne.

our service vehicle may vary from time to time for repair and maintenance. Therefore,
Follow the type of vehicle that moves from the hotel. The movement to the center of Girne takes about 10-15 minutes. When the vehicle reaches the final stop point, we leave our guests and return.

Beach & Jetty

Dear our guests,

  • Our hotel is located on the edge of the beach. Samall man made sandy beach is 30 meters along consist of sand, san beds, mattress and umbrellas for free.
  • Changin cabin, beach bar, umbrellas, sun beds available during in (may-october seasonally)
  • Please remember, hotel guest must have their beach/pool towel card from reception at the time of C/in.
  • You can change your towels at towel station where the aqua pool located.
  • Towel cards can be obtainig from reception. Deposit required.
  • You will refund back your deposit on your check out date.

Large Pool

Welcome again,
''Y''Shaped larhe fresh water swimming pool located in the middle of the poolside rooms.
There are two children pools which are connected to the large pool.

Pool bar swimup bar/restaurant available as from 10:00am up to 4:30pm for late breakfats and lunch.

  • wc toilet
  • cahanging rooms
  • penguin shower
  • Sun beds, umbrellas and sun bed mattress are free of charge.

Please remember that all outdoor facilities including outdoor pools are closed during in winter season.

Pools are not usable between 6:00pm  - 10:00am due to maintenance and cleaning prossess.

Children must be toilet trainie before enter the pools.

Indoor Cold Plunch Pool


Indoor cold plunch pool available whole year along.  Indoor pool is in spa wellness.

Hotel residents can use indoor pool for free between 10:00am - 5:00pm.

Please bear in mind (according to international rules and regulations) guest must inform their health conditions before use indoor pool to reception.

Guest can use sauna, steam bath as well as indoor pool for free.

Other activities;
Massage treatments, Turkish Bath (Hammam), Private massage room with indoor jacuzzi, Beauty lounge, Private Turkish Bath (hammam), foam massage in at hammam

Aqua Park

The Aqua park pool is in front of the main building and is close to the sea. The pool is one of the most fun children's activity pools that you will experience. The instructions for using the pool are indicated on the panes around the pool. Please keep our children under control at all times. Before entering the pool, make sure that the children meet their toilet needs.Time Table:
  • 10:00 to 11:00 hrs
  • 12:00 to 13:00 hrs is a lunch time Pool not active.
  • 13:00 to 14:00 hrs
  • 15:00 to 16:00 hrs
  • 17:00 to 17:00 hrsa/li>
  • Wave Pool

    The wave pool located infornt of teh Pink Court Club Buildings and net to the tennis court. One wave generator making the waves in guitar shaped swimmimg pool. Wave machine operates as from 11:00 - to - 16:00 hrs. Please check time table where the aqua park located. Please get your towel card at the time of C/in and you can get your beach/pool towels from towels station where the aqua pool located. Time table:
  • 11:00 to 12:00 hrs
  • 12:00 to 13:00 hrs is a lunch time & wave pool not operate
  • 14:00 to 15:00 hrs
  • 16:00 to 17:00 hrs
  • Train service point

    +90 (548)8583000 (10 lines)
    Morning: 10:00am from hotel to Girne
    Midday: 1:00pm from hotel to Girne
    Afternoon: 5:00pm from hotel to Girne

    Please Attention!


    Our goal is to create an aquatic environment that is both fun and safe for you and your family. In instigating the following rules and regulations we are asking for your help and cooperation.

    • Our activity & non activity pools, operation time schedules are on the information board.
    • Please do not use the pools whilst they are being cleaned.
    • Please no not wear shoes and shirts at any time whilst you swim in the pool.
    • Remember that the chemicals can affect your clothes and hair colorants.
    • The hotel does not take any responsibility for affected materials. 
    • On the day of your departure, all pool towels must be returned to the towel exchange point
    • The towel card must be returned to reception in order to refund your deposit. 
    • Please do not use the pools after 18:00 as cleaning will commence at this time.  

     Hotel Policy:

    • Wave Pool & other activated & non activated pool facilities are available to registered hotel guests only.
    • Unregistered guests will not have access to the pool areas. Visitors from outside of the hotel should register at reception. 
    • Customers visitors who come from outside should remain in the meeting area which is the Hotel Lobby.  
    • No one is allowed to swim without appropriate swimming attire.
    • Please do not swim at any time if the pools are being cleaned.
    • Please confirm with the pool attendant that the pools are safe for use before 9:00 am in the morning.
    • If at all possible, please note that any guest who has health problems, must be inform reception on the day of arrival or prior to using the pools. Hotel management will not accept any responsibility for any accidents and or injuries incurred as a result of failure to adhere to these rules.

    Pool Rules:

    • No Balls of any kind allowed in the pool area.
    • All children under 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult (19 or older) when using all pool facilities; an adult MUST remain inside the pool area at ALL times. A minimum of 1 adult must supervise every 5 children.
    • Air Beds or any inflatable devices, other than water wings and sewn-in bathing suit rings, are not permitted under any circumstances in the pool.
    • No food of any sort allowed in the pool at anytime.
    • Glass containers are not permitted in the pool area at any time.
    • No running, jumping, diving, shoulder play or body throwing is allowed in and around our facilities at any time.
    • Do not run around the Pool area as the surface may become slippery when wet.

     Thank you for your co-operation & kind understanding.


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